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Welcome fellow creative minds! My name is Virginia and I am here to help you define a life full of meaning and creativity. Once defined, I will help you develop the skills to live that life with passion and ignore the shenanigans of your inner critic!

As an artist, head of household, and “worker-bee” myself, I know how challenging it can be to marry economic accountability with the more attractive creative enthusiasm. I’ve been working, creating and confronting the same challenges that all creative people face. As your coach, I am happy to share what I have learned to help you create a life that makes the “real you” shine!

I received a BFA in Fashion Design from the University of North Texas and an MBA in Management from LeTourneau University. I have trained under Dr. Eric Maisel in the fields of life purpose and creative coaching. I have worked in the field of textile and clothing design for over thirty years and have been an adjunct at the Art Institutes for five years. Through my years as a designer and my role as the Director of Product Design and Development, I discovered that I enjoy guiding and inspiring other creative individuals. More importantly, I came to understand the dichotomy of making a living versus creating a life.

Coaching has helped me in all aspects of my life, including my creative endeavors. I am committed to growing as an artist and found that continuing my creative work helps me relate more fully with the struggles you may be encountering. I know how it feels to try to create on demand, please a commercial audience and deal with the criticism that comes with the territory. I have dealt with blocks and in feeling less than thrilled with the fruits of my labor. I have the power to overcome……and so do you! Let me help you find it in yourself and kick your inner critic to the curb!


A Creativity coach is similar to a life coach or an athletic coach, but the focus is largely on goals surrounding your creative work. However, all aspects of life are interrelated so naturally, there will be crossover. Through coaching, I help you sort out your desires, prioritize them, and work through any obstacles that may be standing in the way of your artistic success. Creativity is different for everyone and coaching requires a unique approach that may include addressing all areas of life. (Click Life Purpose Boot Camp for other life work.) If you feel that you are having trouble staying focused, can’t seem to get started, or are not enjoying your creative life, then coaching might be exactly what you need.

A coach is neither a therapist nor a teacher by definition. In coaching, we deal with the present. Coaching helps you, the client, set goals and take action. Much like a fitness trainer, a creative coach will evaluate your specific goals and guide you through exercises to help you attain them. And, much like training, you (not the trainer) will need to do the “heavy lifting” if you truly wish to achieve those goals.

There is no one-size-fits-all method. We will begin with email contact and specific inquiries to help me understand your objectives. We then schedule a 30-minute phone or audio Skype session to discuss your objectives and formulate a plan. We continue through consistent email contact and scheduled phone or Skype sessions.

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Throughout our coaching relationship, you will receive assignments that will help you work through key areas. The phone sessions are used to discuss the assignments and any complications you may have faced in completing them or any wonderful insights you may have had. Consistency is vital for true progress and our email contacts provide a “journal” for you to use as review. We will work on what you present as your personal agenda, taking into consideration that daily life presents its own challenges to a creative existence.